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E-M:/ Analysis of Clean Michigan Lawn Mower Buyback Program

Enviro-Mich message from David Wright <wrightd@voyager.net>

The Michigan Environmental Council has completed an analysis of the DEQ's
proposed lawnmower buyback program.  The DEQ is claiming that everything
that can be done to reduce industrial pollution is being addressed and so
the next step is to help individuals make better choices when it comes to
individual activities that pollute the environment, like using lawn and
garden equipment.  While MEC is all for informing the public and helping
them to make wise personal choices, we believe the proposed lawnmower
buyback program is misguided.  It will not provide any significant air
pollution benefit and the costs are excessive compared to other programs
that DEQ is fighting, like the regional ozone transport rule.

The regional ozone transport rule would reduce pollution that contributes
to ozone smog formation at a cost of $1,500 per ton of pollution reduced.
Compared to the Governor's plan (Michigan's alternative to proposal) the
regional ozone transport rule would reduce pollution by an additional
450,000 pounds per day.  

The DEQ proposed lawnmower program will cost the Clean Michigan Fund
$750,000 and it may result in additional toxic mercury air pollution if the
program is used to replace gasoline powered lawnmowers with electric
lawnmowers.  MEC estimates that the lawnmower buyback program would also
cost Michigan taxpayers more than $4,000 per ton of pollution reduced which
is almost three times more expensive the regional ozone transport rule.
And, it would reduce pollution that contributes to ozone smog by less than
350 pounds per day.

To get more information and to see a comparison of where the pollution
comes from that produces ozone smog, go to http://www.mienv.org.  Click on
the environmental bond update in the left hand window and go to LEGISLATURE
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