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Enviro-Mich message from RobC313@aol.com

About the MDEQ ozone web sight,. It seems as though the Ozone Frames and 
entire site is well designed and presented in a good graphic format.  I am 
glad the state has made this effort but I wonder if by attempting to make it 
"pretty" and user friendly we ( the state) is failing to provide we ( the 
people) the information most needed. That being ozone day predictions and 
real time ozone readings.

OK maybe I have been spoiled by the electronic age of instant information.  
How do you  rate the system and its effectiveness? Does anybody out there 
share my views and more importantly are there any suggestions as to whether 
we should be grateful and patient, or make some requests (demands?)  of the 
MDEQ webmaster. 

And please understand this is not a criticism of the webmaster who may be 
doing a great job but under difficult circumstances. Let me know-  rob

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