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Re: E-M:/ Michigan Ozone Action Daze

Enviro-Mich message from Thom Peterson <petersont@grps.k12.mi.us>

My take on Ozone Action Days is a little different. Basically, I agree
with the idea of carpooling or not cutting the lawn on high ozone days.
I like the increased awareness that can come from the program. And I
agree with you that more advance warning would take away another excuse
from those who could choose to do things a little differently in
response to the info.
However, we need systematic changes, not just individual choices. That's
why we need more awareness of all air pollution sources and the actions
these sources are or are not taking in response to REPEATED excursions
into the 80+ or 120+ range. That's why I'd like to see every community
tracking the seasonal occurances and comparing this year to last year,
this year to the five year average, etc. This evaluation has not been
possible until now. But now that it is, we can employ one more tool to
convince people that we (the people and the business community and the
state) need to find systematic ways to stop the profligate burning of
fossil fuels.  Trending ozone days is a simple way to develop a local
Quality of Life indicator.

Thom Peterson
West Michigan Environmental Action Council
Grand Rapids

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