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E-M:/ Grants for New Small MIchigan Wind Generators

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Small Wind Systems special project grant was recently awarded by the U.S.
Dept. of Energy to the Energy Division, Michigan Dept. of Consumer &
Industry Services.  Financial incentives to pay 25% of the cost of small
wind systems up to $5,000 will be available for 300 watt - 20 kW wind
generators.  Approximately 15 wind generators will be able to receive
incentives.  Wind projects must start after July 1, 1999.  No existing wind
systems are eligible for incentives.  Due date for grant applications is
September 15, 1999.  Steve Smiley, Bay Energy Services, will be the
technical consultant on the project.  For further information contact John
Trieloff, Project Manager at john.j.trieloff@cis.state.mi.us or 517/334-7233.

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