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Re: E-M:/ Deforestation, Dioxin, and No Commercial Logging!-Reply

Enviro-Mich message from "Charles Cubbage" <CubbageC@state.mi.us>

Dave Merkel is one of the enlightened representatives from industry.  I am finding that many more people like him exist and we all have the challenge to work with them to solve our mutual problems.  While it is true we face very important problems in Mich (and elsewhere), we will not succeed in solving them unless we treat each other (all sectors) as not only the cause but as the potential solvers.   

Whatever the cause at hand, some of the most important challenges we face are to 1) get info straight and 2) to entertain dialogue, not treat segments as "faceless villians", although that is often tempting and sometimes satisfying (but my experience is that this is most often divisive and delays cooperative solutions).   

I couldn't agree more with Anne Woiwode re her recent praise of the Alex Sagady, our listserve chief.  This forum is one of the ways we can share info and get to dialogue that will move us forward.


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