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Re: E-M:/ Logging

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com


i would "simply recommend" that you read Rachel Martins's post for some more 
educated and SPECIFIC facts and arguments related to this discussion. 

Also, the US Forest Service's own polls show that the American public is IN 
FAVOR of ending commercial exploitation of OUR, not Meads or Champions, 
public lands--69-75 %!

Also, it was US Forest Service Timber Staff Officer who recognized and stated 
in a UP paper that ninety percent of the subsidized logging in the Ottawa 
National Forest goes to manufacturing of paper products. Everyone knows that 
this process creates effluent and emmissions that are harmful to humans and 
the earth.

With slick PR departments and hefty corporate bank rolls, any deforestation 
conglomerate can TRY and sell misinformation to the public, to paint a rosey 

How can anyone say that setting aside our National Forests for preservation 
of biodiversity is a negative thing? 

Where is the lunacy in that? 

To attempt to make an argument that preserving land is a bad thing is the 
real lunacy.

Free Our Public Lands!

For a Wild Michigan,

Murray Dailey
Northwoods Wilderness Recovery

PS. The "No Commercial Logging" bill just picked up four more cosponsors.

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