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Your logic is excellent, and obviously informed. I am glad you came into the fray and gave some of the statistics and insight into the systemic nature of the issues. It is hard to argue with what you said, if I understand you rightly. My training (and actually my heart) is in biology, specifically limnology and marine ecosystems, but I have grown very interested in the etiology of this states ecosystems. Especially those of the rivers and streams and the cataclysmic effects of logging in the past. I come from Kentucky, and was not educated at all on Michigan until I moved here 12 years ago. The ecological and industrial history of this state is fascinating and unique, and I continue to understand more bits and pieces as I hear from persons such as yourself. Since coming here, I hear lots of different statistics for the same issues. Political agendas and personal agendas controlling much of the information and the paradigms around where we were, and where we are going to. I would like to know more about your perspective, or a systems perspective. Suggestions on some reading? Thanks again.


David Merkel

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