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Re: E-M:/ Deforestation, Dioxin, and No Commercial Logging! -Reply

Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <fambrose@bloomington.in.us>


What about hemp as a fiber? Before world war 2, our paper, ropes, etc
came from hemp. The constitution is on hemp. Will wood based papers last
that long? wood has only been used since the chemical process to
use wood fiber for paper was developed by dupont. The company then went on
an all out spending binge to make the plant illegal.  

What about yield? Hemp produces much more fiber per acre than does trees,
and it is an annual crop. So, you can get more in one summer from hemp
what takes thirty years to grow in trees. Plus the fiber does not need to
be treated with toxic chemicals to be made usable. 

On top of the fiber aspect, the plant has many more uses. It is high in
oils, and nutrition. The plant can be used in a fermenting process to make
ethanol (which can be used in place of gasoline). The fibers can be used
to replace cotton, which is the biggest sink of pesticides and chemicals
of all agricultural crops.

FInally, the plant requires very little input to grow. No herbicides or
pesticides are needed. They dont call it "weed" for nothing. It grows
everywhere. It would potentially provide a nice cash crop to some of the
Michigan farmers who are being bought out for strip malls and suburbs.

Other countries are legalizing industrial hemp, but not the US. Why not?
Probably because the paper and oil and fiber companies have to much
invested in wood technology, and are afraid of losing it. Their greed for
the short term gain is killing the forests and replacing them with

Mr. Merkel, does your company use a totally chlorine free process? Does
it produce 100% post consumer recylced paper? Is it putting **real**
money into development of alternative fibers? If not, then all the work
people do to minimize the damage is merely window dressing. I am glad
that it happens, but it is not changing anything really. It is only
allowing 7 steps backwards, where they would otherwise take 10.

As for the following quote from your post:

"If you want to get scared, look at many of the foreign third world nat!
ions, where environmental agendas are absolutely last in line after a
population that wants to grow and modernize. Someday they, like us, will
see what that cost them, but only after they are living comfortably."

I take severe issue with the statement. Our organization is currently
working with "third world' activists and communities that want development
and want their environment to. It is the corporations like Boise-Cascade,
Weyerhauser, etc. and the  corrupt governments these corp.s pay off that  
are pushing the destruction. 

Look at mexico, I believe it was international paper that wanted to move
into a rural community and log off the forest for fiber. The people
resisted. They burned the mill, and forced IP out. they left with their
tail between their legs, with the mexican government apologizing all the
way. Who is pushing the destruction? The upper class and profiteers. 

Boise-Cascade is running into the same problem in Chile right now. 

It is time we recognized that our public forests are no place for the
rapists and profiteers. They only do the work to make the upper class rich
and are not at all representing the needs of people or the environment,
only their fat wallets.

Michigans forests are being raped by these people and it is time that we
took their so called "right" to profit off of our backs.


Frank Ambrose

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