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E-M:/ demand for post consumer paper

Enviro-Mich message from DavidOrr@aol.com

7/1/99 12:53 PM 48MERDAV@menasha.com 48MERDAV@menasha.com

> There is not enough paper available for every paper mill in the US or the  
world to use only 100% post consumer paper as furnish. Demand is too high.


Your statement above is both inaccurate and misleading.  If demand for 
post-consumer paper really was "too high," as you say, then the value of 
paper collected by recyclers would be much higher than it is.  Much 
higher than virgin paper, which your mill uses--30% of its output, in 

The real problem is not that demand for used paper is too high, but 
rather that the cost of virgin paper is too low--and production of virgin 
paper is too high!  It is still way too profitable for paper companies to 
make virgin paper because so many trees are being cut down to produce 
more virgin paper.

Ask any recycling professional and you will hear the same refrain: if the 
price of virgin pulp wasn't so low, we could really make some money in 
the recycling business!

A basic understanding economics--supply and demand--is all that is needed 
to understand why it's high time to stop making paper from trees.


David Orr

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