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Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

At 02:20 PM 7/1/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from "DAVE MERKEL" <48MERDAV@menasha.com>


>I can say that yes, my company uses no bleaching to produce our paper
because we are a brown paper mill. We >produce paper that is the fluted
material on the inside of cardboard boxes, and therefore there are no color
or >brightness requirements. The requirements for our paper is that is be
strong and low cost, and therefore >efficiently made.


> Most companies using bleaching are changing over or are studying and
engineering different ways to bleach. >Many have gone either TECF (total
elemental chlorine free), or utilize oxygen etc. The Cluster Rule, which our
>industry is working through right now, has or will spend hundreds of
millions on new technologies. It takes time >and money, and they are doing a
good job responding to the challenge. If you want some numbers and facts, I
>suggest you contact one of the companies that makes fine papers. Menasha
only makes brown papers.
>We utilize 70% postconsumer waste to make our paper. There is not enough
paper available for every paper mill i>n the US or the world to use only
100% post consumer paper as furnish. Demand is too high.

One of the achilles heals of the paper industry, even in this 
kind of mill, is the use of slimicides to control the formation of
biologicals in paper machines.    The chemicals used must
maintain effectiveness in a warm/hot water environment
inside the plants, but the hope is that the slimicide will degrade
in the water pollution equipment....this is a tall order for the 
design of a chemical.  

What slimicide does your firm use, Dave??

What percentage of your total slimicide use is discharged in Menasha's
wastewater effluents?

Have you actually measured it?   Does Menasha's wastewater permit have a 
limit for this material(s)?

What toxicity is this material exerting in the mixing zone downriver?  This 
is the Kalamazoo River, right?

Also, while were at it, what does your firm do with the residuals from 
deinking and other crud coming off your post-consumer waste
recycling operation?

.....and.....  Are you using caustic produced by a mercury electrode
chlor-alkali process?   Have you ever measured the mercury content of 
your caustic alkali feedstock?

Is this the mill in Otsego??

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