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Re: E-M:/ Wolf Kill Article From Freep

Enviro-Mich message from JN Sanders <johnnick@execpc.com>

I forgot to attach the article, its Friday,
Sorry about that
John Sanders
Hunter admits killing a wolf in the

                             Endangered species making a comeback, no
                             threat to deer herd

                             July 2, 1999

                             BY DAWSON BELL
                             FREE PRESS STAFF WRITER

                             Tipped off by a call to their anti-poaching hot line,
                             and federal investigators have solved one of a trio
                             shootings of endangered gray wolves that struck the
                             Upper Peninsula late last year.

                             Scott Blamberg, 34, of Rhinelander, Wis., pleaded
                             last week to killing a female wolf in December 1998
as she
                             fed off road-kill deer along a road in Iron County.

                             Department of Natural Resources Lt. Tom Courchaine
                             said investigators believe Blamberg was motivated to
                             shoot the wolf in the mistaken belief that the
                             reintroduction of wolves to northern Michigan poses a

                             threat to the deer herd.

                             Gray wolves, a state and federally protected
                             species, have staged a remarkable comeback in the
                             Upper Peninsula in the last decade, growing from
                             non-existent to at least 174 animals in a 1998-99
                             wildlife officials said.

                             But Courchaine said the comeback relies upon
                             continuing public acceptance. And until last year it
                             appeared that traditional animosity toward wolves by
                             hunters and farmers was fading, he said. Then in a
                             months around deer-hunting season last year, two
                             animals were found shot and a third (whose radio
                             had been cut off) disappeared and is presumed to have

                             been killed.

                             Blamberg was hunting in the area at the time of the
                             shooting, Courchaine said.

                             Concern about the impact of wolves on the deer
                             population are misplaced, Courchaine said. The number

                             of deer killed by wolves is "insignificant" in the
                             of Michigan's huge deer population and a tiny
                             of the number killed each year by cars and trucks, he


                             Blamberg is to be sentenced July 19. He faces up to
                             days in jail, fines of $2,500 and the revocation of
                             Michigan hunting privileges for up to three years.

                             Conservation officials continue to seek information
                             about the other two wolf killings in Dickinson and
                             Ontonagon counties. Anyone with information is asked
                             to call the Report All Poaching line at 800-292-7800,


                             DAWSON BELL can be reached at 313-222-6609 or
                             by e-mail at dbell@freepress.com.

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