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E-M:/ Risk Management Plans Available On-Line

Sections of the RMPs required under CAA 122(r) are now available at the EPA envirofacts web site (see notice below). The site does not contain the most important part of the RMPs -- what would happen to the neighboring public if a disaster/explosion/release happened at any particular facility. In RMP lingo these events are refered to as the worst case senarios and alt. release senarios. Industry, the State Department and others continue to lobby against providing the public with easy access to this vital information over the internet. In the meantime anyone interested in getting the full story should contact their Local Emergency Planning Committee and request a complete copy of the RMPs for facilities of concern in your area.

Notice from EPA:

RMP*Info is now available on EPA's Envirofacts at

RMP*Info is the public access system for Risk
Management Plans submitted under Section 112(r) of the
Clean Air Act (CAA). The reporting deadline for these
plans was June 21, 1999. The RMP Reporting Center
currently is processing thousands of RMPs that were
RMP*Info will not contain information about offsite
consequences related to worst case and alternate
release scenarios (Sections 2-5). The federal
government is currently working to determine a process
for making this information available. As soon as a
process is developed, information about that process
will be posted on the CEPPO website at
RMP*Info currently contains about 4,000 RMPs. As new
RMPs are processed, they will be added to RMP*Info.
Therefore, RMP*Info will increase in size almost daily
until the initial processing is complete. EPA expects
it will take 1-2 months to process all RMPs that have
been received at the Reporting Center.
RMPs that reported propane and/or a flammable
hydrocarbon are NOT in RMP*Info at this time.
Following the court-ordered stay on propane and EPA's
administrative stay on RMP listed flammable
hydrocarbons, facilities who submitted such RMPs were
given until June 21 to request a withdrawal of their
RMP. Therefore, we are waiting until all the mail
postmarked June 21 is processed before we add the
remaining RMPs reporting on propane and/or flammable
hydrocarbon to the database.
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