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Enviro-Mich message from Terry Lodge <tjlodge50@yahoo.com>

  No "amens" from me,

  All a corporation can take away from you is your
life, your home (eminent domain is now a form of
corporate welfare, viz. Poletown, Toledo KeepJeep,
Hartford Patriots), your health and your money. The 
largest businesses are indeed making your tax burden
larger, as they receive tax abatements, exemptions,
deductions and sundry governmental handouts, selling
the government (you, the taxpayer) weapons and other
stuff we can't use because they're too expensive (such
as the $2,000,000,000 per unit Stealth bomber, far too
expensive to lose over the Balkans, so the U.S. used
$20,000,000 F-16s), leasing government land at
millions below the cost of its minerals or timber,
getting free or virtually free taxpayer-owned
radiospectrum sites. The list is endless. 

   If you're having difficulty understanding the
extent to which our society, our environment, and our
so-called culture is owned by corporations, I suggest
you take a look at Ralph Nader's recent meticulous
presentation to Rep. Kasich's Congressional Budget
committee at www.nader.org/releases/63099.html.

   Please, "Friend," spare me the rant and rave about
private property rights, the virtues of free
enterprise and your naive acquiesence to the insane
notion that corporations and the people who own them
have some right to destroy the environment and other
cultures because the buying public "wants" or "needs"
more stuff.

   And, oh yeah, next time have the courage to sign
your name to your simplistic drivel.

   Terry Lodge
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