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E-M:/ Loosestrife

I grew up visually impaired.  I saw the world thru Monet eyes; soft blurry colors of summer included chickory blue, yellows, white of Queen Ann's Lace and the beautiful maroon of poison sumac.  As an adult after eye surgery the world is in clear focus.  Every where I look I see a bright luminous fuchia.  This is not a Michigan color.  Reading about loosestrife, knowing the damage it has caused across the state in the last 5 years, I am appalled at it's appearance in Humbug Marsh this summer.  I am angry that this last coastal marsh is not only threatened by developers, under constant stress from the dirty factories which surround it, but now must at last die by loosestrife.  It occurred to me that I have not lost my hands, my legs are strong, I can read a label and the input I would like from EM is this.  Can anyone give me 3 reasons to not walk the conservation easement, clip the head off this lovely but invasive plant (placing same in canvas bag for removal) and inserting the living plant stem into a bottle of RoundUp.  Here are the givens: long sleeves, long pants, gloves, no spraying as offenders are snuggled in with cattails.  Comments are welcome but I am not going to wait long.  Comment period ends Thurs.  I can't wait for the government (state or fed) to do something, they can't and won't.  I don't think the answer is in importing alien bugs to eat the plants either.  I think I can destroy 300 plants now but will have a little problem getting ahead of 30,000 next year.  Comments welcome. Kathleen