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E-M:/ Sustainability Game pilot includes Ecological Footprints consultant

Enviro-Mich message from ECOARTDB@aol.com

This workshop will be facilitated by 
Deanne Bednar, educator and artist
Nathan Bixby, Yale University, Department of Development,
Lois Robbins, author of Waking up in the Age of Creativity
Diana Deumling, from Redefining Progress, San Francisco, CA
                         Data Manager for Ecological Footprints

Subj:	Re: Sustainability Game Pilot - help appreciated
Date:	7/26/99 2:24:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time

You are invited to help develop a newly evolving game which asks the 
                 "What is my fair share of the earth's resources 
                            and how would that translate 
                               into products and life style choices?"

We would like your assistainace in locating people - 
highschool/ university students/ educators/ any interested adults- 
who could help us pilot this game 
and associated information on sustainability!

        August 14 and 15th   Saturday 10 am through Sunday 2 pm 

10-12 Introduction the The Ecological Footprint and The Natural Step
1-5  Play and help develop the Fair Share Game
7-9  View and discuss the video "Ecological Design", interviews of people and 
       Amory Lovins, etc.
       PM Camping on site, or indoor lodging
9-12 Cooperatively construct a 3-D model community based on the decisions 
made during          
        the playing of the Fair Share Game.
1-2   Share the models with the group

Location:  The Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center, Oxford, MI, 1 hour 
north of Detroit.  This Center is an earth-sheltered, solar and wind powered 
building which models sustainability, set in a rural, wooded setting 
surrounding by 100's of acres of protected land.  A nourishing place to spend 
some time.

Cost: $75 donation includes meals, camping and optional indoor accomodations.
          1 potluck meal.  
      This fee is flexible.  Do not let the money interefer with coming.
       It is also possible to attend just the Saturday program.
Contact Deanne: 248-363-1756 or Lois 248-969-2518  (phone is better that 

The workshop is followed on Sunday, August 15 by an optional Eco Tour to 
local sites that promote sustainable living. natural building, renewable 
energy, organic gardens, preservation areas. Contact Lois 248-969-2518
and others. 2:30 - 8 pm. starting from the Center)

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