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E-M:/ Agency Will Ask Congress to Drop Gasoline Additive

Here is a link to today's NYTimes front page article regarding use of the gasoline additive Methyl T-Butyl Ether or MTBE. 
Here's a snippet:

"A panel appointed by the E.P.A. is set to report on Tuesday that use of the much-debated ingredient, M.T.B.E., a possible carcinogen, should be "reduced substantially" because it dissolves easily in water and turns up in tap water when gasoline has leaked or spilled."

This is the type of thing that often occurs when so-called "solutions" to problems are in and of themselves a problem.  Perhaps actually reducing the number of roads and developing public transportation would have been a more effective "solution" to auto-caused air pollution problems. 

I thought this would be interesting to folks in Michigan who have suffered from this summer's air pollution episodes.