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Enviro-Mich message from David Wright <wrightd@voyager.net>

Congressman Knollenberg did not introduce his dirty air rider on Friday.
It now appears that his rider will be introduced during a meeting of the
full appropriations committee.  This meeting is expected to occur on
Friday, July 30.  You still have time to register your concerns with
Congressman Knollenberg (Phone No. (202) 225-5802, Fax No. (202) 226-2356).

You might also want to contact Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick (Phone No.
(202) 225-2261, Fax No. (202) 225-5730).  Congresswoman Kilpatrick is a
member of the appropriations committee that will ultimately vote on
Knollenberg's rider.  Let the Congresswoman know that this rider is bad for

The following letter was sent to Congressman Knollenberg by the American
Lung Association of Metropolitan Chicago.  The letter describes how air
pollution generated in Illinois makes itw way into west Michigan and how
Knollenberg's rider will allow it to continue.

								July 26, 1999
The Honorable Joe Knollenberg
2349 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515

Dear Representative Knollenberg:

I find it incomprehensible that you would sponsor a appropriations bill
rider to prevent the reduction of  thousands of tons of air pollution from
old grandfathered coal-fired power plants.  By preventing the
implementation of the NOx SIP call, a plan many years in the making based
on the recommendations of the states affected by its provisions and led by
the former director of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, you
are attempting to keep Michiganís air dirty and unhealthy.

Living in Chicago, I realize that much of the pollution emitted by
industry, vehicles and yes, old coal fired power plants from southeast
Wisconsin, northeast Illinois and northwest Indiana drifts on summertime
southwest winds directly in to the heart of western Michigan.  Coal-fired
power plant emissions are a prime reason why ozone smog levels are so high
in the eastern Lake Michigan shore communities in your state.  It is a
shame that such a beautiful area, and one where tourists from the entire
region spend summer vacations with their families, is actually endangering
their health by continuing to expose them to high summertime ozone smog

Perhaps you were unaware that generation, and smog causing pollution, from
coal fired power plants in Illinois increased 46 percent between 1992 and
1998.  Perhaps you also were not aware that this was the highest increase
of any state in the entire country.  Power consumption is also higher in
the summertime due to air conditioner use, meaning that power plant
emissions are often highest precisely when weather conditions are conducive
to the formation of ozone smog.

I really wonder why you donít want to reduce air pollution in your state,
especially if much of it is coming from somewhere else.  Opposing this
program simply hurts your own constituents.


Brian Urbaszewski
Director of Environmental and Health Policy

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