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Subject: Demand Better Public Transportation in Southeast MI
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 10:16:51 -0400
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Metropolitan Organizing Strategy for Enabling Strength (MOSES) wants =
of our tax money to go into busses and public transit and less to new
highways and widening roads paving the way for sprawl. MOSES is a
faith-based coalition of 53 urban and suburban churches in the Southeast
Michigan area.=20

Come to their public meeting on Transportation this Thursday July 29th =
7:00 pm at St. James Catholic Church in Ferndale, Michigan to demand =
public transportation. The church is on the west side of Woodward Avenue
between 8 and 9 mile roads. Be part of this event that will change the =
balance of power between sprawl builders and community builders.

Public officials such as the directors of SMART and DDOT along with
suburban mayors, state representatives and Mrs.. Debby Dingell of =
Motors will be there. The more people that come, the more powerful and
productive the meeting.

The Governor's Relative Risk Study determined that land use, energy use,
and transportation were the three major threats to the Michigan
Environment. All three can be addressed through the development of a =
vision for public transportation. Money is available to move into public
transportation and reduce our reliance on the single occupant =
but the public needs to demand this money. We need you to come to this

Lawrence M. Hands
313 963 8870, fax 313 963 8876

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