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E-M:/ Millennium Pipeline Project

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Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 16:08:50 -0400
To: enviro-mich@great-lakes.net
From: Dana Bobinchek <dana@glu.org>
Subject: Millennium Pipeline
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I am curious to find out if there are any Michigan organizations that are
familiar with the Millennium Pipeline project.  The proposed project is a
424-mile-long natural gas high pressure pipeline that runs from Empress,
Alberta through Minnesota, Upper and Lower Michigan, Southern Ontario,
across the floor of Lake Erie, then through the southern tier of New York
to provide gas to NYC, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and North Carolina.
The Columbian Gas Transmission Corp. has submitted a draft EIS with FERC
(docket numbers CP98-150-000 and CP98-151-000).  Canada is still reviewing
the draft under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.  The USFWS has
commented on the draft EIS negatively toward the project.  They basically
don't want to see the floor of Lake Erie hydaulically dredged for 90 miles.
 I can provide more information for those interested, but I have only New
York information.  I am interested in any wetlands, water supplies,
forests, watersheds, or any state protected areas that this will affect in
Thank you
Dana Bobinchek
Great Lakes United
New York Network Coordinator
BSC-Cassety Hall
1300 Elmwood Ave.
Buffalo, New York
P (716) 886-0142
F (716) 886-0303 
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