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>Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>
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>>Enviro-Mich message from "Andrew Guy" <sanborna@pilot.msu.edu>
>>My name is andrew sanborn and I am a graduate student at Michigan State
>>University.  This summer I am working on a project with regard to
>>environmental issues in the media.
>>I was wondering if some enviro-michers out there might respond with the top
>>5-10 environmental happenings in the state over the past 30 years.  The

I should also have added.....on Michigan's environmental history....

a.     The rise and decline of nuclear power in Michigan.....the
cancellation of the Midland 
nuclear plant, the serious steam generator and reliability problems at the
Palisades Plant,
the Fermi I accident (actually this was in late fifties.....I still remember
touring Fermi I
when I was about 7 years old with my father on an Engineering Society of Detroit
tour),   the Detroit Edison cancellation of Greenwood and the Consumers Power 
cancellation of Quannicassee nukes, the proposal for plutonium recycle at the
Big Rock plant and this plant's subsequent decommissioning project.
concerning the disposal of high level and low level radwaste and citizen
to waste sites in various proposed places in Michigan.

b.   The rise of the modern citizen environmental movement with activities
in Michigan from 1968-1970, including national leadership with EarthDay
1970 activities at the University of Michigan....and the subsequent development
of important citizen environnmental leaders  (i.e. Roger Conner, Joan Wolfe,
Joe Sax....)

c.  The opening of the Mackinac Bridge and the subsequent increase in
activities in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

d.  The invasion of Michigan and subsequent defoiliations from gypsy moth 
infestations, including disputes about control of such infestations.

e.  The movement to control sand mining of Michigan's barrier dunes, including 
citizen activities, legislation and litigation.

f.   Renewed citizen activity statewide to address abuses by the oil and gas 
exploration and pipeline industry, including well-head impacts, gas
releases, disposal of 
brine and drilling muds, effects on land use and residential development, stream
crossings, safety issues, etc..

g.  Revision and strengthening of Michigan's air pollution statute in the
mid-1990's, which had been 
among the weakest of all state air laws in enforcement authority in the
United States.

h.   Enactment of the pollution secrecy and enforcement laxity provisions of
in 1996...the so-called "audit privilege" law promoted by Engler-Harding,
along with the
NREPA consolidation that allowed the audit privilege apply to all of Michigan's 
natural resource and environmental protection laws.

i.  The successful massive citizen campaign in opposition to development by
Wayne Disposal, 
Michael Farrentino, Jr. et all of a hazardous waste incineration and land
complex at Milan MI.

j.  The development of citizen environmental leaders and environmental
from the UAW International Union, particularly in the 1970s and 1980s,
the "right to know" movement for workplaces and the environment..

k.   The development of environmental funding projects and interests from
area foundations....Joyce, Mott and Kellogg and others.....

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