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E-M:/ Smog report

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Yesterday's (Wed, 7/28) health standard excursions

Level of standard for 8 hour average is 85 parts per billion

Detroit  (east 7 mile)   91
Muskegon    89
Coloma    86
Holland  93
Evans  85
Cassopolis   85
Kalamazoo  85

Peak one hour exposures were above 100 ppm from 
Muskegon to Cassopolis and highest at Holland with 112 ppb

Today's smog forcast (from MDEQ web site):



Friday, July 30, WILL NOT be an OzoneAction! Day.


Friday, July 30, WILL be an OzoneAction! Day.


Thursday, July 29, 1999 

Bad news… Then good news… The bad news is that the sweltering air mass,
which has pushed our air conditions to
the limit, will be with us through Saturday. The good news is that a cold
front should push through Michigan
sometime Sunday morning and give us welcome relief for most of next week. 

The surface and upper air wind patterns over the past few days have been
from the west to northwest. This has kept
the southeast Michigan ozone concentrations at acceptable levels. A similar
westerly wind on Friday will spare
southeast Michigan from an Ozone Action Day declaration. 

While this westerly wind pattern has also spared the northwest side of
Michigan, the southwest side has been
subjected to pollutant transport from urban areas across Lake Michigan and
has experienced elevated ozone
levels. With this wind pattern expected to persist through Friday, an Ozone
Action Day IS declared for West

No matter where you may reside, the outdoor temperature will be HOT (i.e. in
the mid 90 degree range). Outdoor
activities should be curtailed as much as possible. The forecast will be
updated on Friday. 

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