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E-M:/ Temporary Victory on Smog

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

The Engler/Harding/Knollenberg effort to front for
the  electric utility industry on the nitrogen oxide (NOX)/smog control
issue temporarily bites the dust in the Congress.....  But
clean air leaders in Washington DC warn that Knollenberg
efforts on behalf of the NOX polluters and their friends
in Lansing could be ressurected at any time.

This information comes from....

Patricio Silva, Midwest Activities Coordinator,
Natural Resources Defense Council.....

"Congratulations!!  Your calls and media efforts were critical in forcing Rep.
Joseph Knollenberg (D-MI) to withdraw his NOx rider during the House
Appropriations Committee mark-up of the FY 2000 VA-HUD, Independent Agencies
Appropriations bill during an arduous session that begin at 9:30 am today.  

The FY 2000 VA-HUD, Independent Agencies Appropriations bill is now scheduled
for floor action as early as Tuesday, August 3rd, but more likely by Friday,
August 6th.  Please follow-up with members that you have contacted to express
your opposition to any efforts by Rep. Knollenberg to offer his NOx rider in a
floor amendment (which remains a possible threat), and also voice your
opposition to any comments concerning the NOx SIP Call in the accompanying
legislative report.

The Knollenberg NOx rider has been revised.  As before, the revised NOx rider
would prevent EPA from acting on the NOx SIP call, section 126 petition, or any
consent decree (arising from ongoing discussions between EPA and the States).  "

Sagady says.....

What's going on here is a concerted effort by Engler and Harding to protect
NOX polluters in the Eastern United States from being subjected to emission
reductions significant enough to prevent background smog concentrations during
adverse weather from approaching and exceeding health standards as a result of 
power plant and other fuel combustion NOX emissions.   This means that
John Engler and Russell Harding are directly working against the interests of 
Michigan residents by trying to rescue upwind emitters causing unhealthy 
air pollution in Michigan from having to control their emissions.

Now they have the active participation of Rep. Joe Knollenberg, the same guy
who tried to amend EPA's budget to prevent them from discussing and 
analyzing global warming issues.
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