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E-M:/ Today (Friday) is Big Smog Day

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

At 7 PM EDT, the following health standard excursions for
ozone were indicated by MDEQ's ozone monitoring web site:

(standard is 85 parts per billion,8 hour average)

Holland  91
Coloma 108
Cassopolis  95
Muskegon 97
Oak Park  85
Warren 89
Detroit (east 7 mile)  103

Near misses which may turn 
out to be excursions before the 
day is out....Kalamazoo, Detroit (Linwood)
No report from New Haven.

And this is with a prediction of NO ozone action 
day in Southeast Michigan!?   (i.e. no ozone
action day means no communication to 
the public that air pollution is unhealthy on 
a day on which the air is dirty.....this supports
my earlier point that more emphasis must be 
placed on communicating Pollutant Standard Index 

And even bigger story comes looking at 
one hour average ozone data....with excursions (and near excurssions)
over EPA's old one hour standard.....

At 4-7 PM, monitors indicate the following one hour peak averages

Coloma   successive hours at 140, 145, 136
Detroit (E 7 Mile)   116, 123, 114
Warren   114
Holland  124, 153 (6 PM)  (known for "tulips and smog")
Muskegon 140, 131, 117

EPA's Airnow has slowed to a crawl so I cannot yet tell you how 
this compares with the rest of Eastern US.....

However, this is the highest 1 hour peak in Holland in 3 years.   It
is the third peak over the old standard in 2 years at Coloma.....
this kind of problem was not supposed to be happening with 
"predictions of attainment" in the Western Michigan area.  It is also
the highest 8 hour average at Coloma in three years.

Individuals in these areas should limit their exposure to outdoor air and
outdoors, particularly those with asthma and other respiratory diseases.

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