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E-M:/ Our Poisoned Bay-Despite end to direct piping of sewage, pollution worse now th

Great Lakers,
Here is a link for a story on San Francisco Bay and its continuing demise related to non-point pollution.  I sent this out because it exemplifies the ongoing pollution problems we must all deal with, particularly here in the Great Lakes Basin. 
I find it distressing and sad that Michigan, a state that used to be a leader in environmental protection and conservation, and a state that has a special responsibility to the largest freshwater resource on the planet, has turned its back on the environment. 
Dave Dempsey's latest posting regarding MDEQ's failure to protect small wetlands is particularly relevant given the role small wetlands play in water quality protection.  Loss of these systems means the problems seen in San Francisco Bay will certainly be seen and exacerbated here in the Great Lakes.

D. Zaber