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Subject: Environmental Leadership Institute
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(Many apologies for the duplicate postings for those of you on more than one

The League of Conservation Voters Education Fund will be hosting an
intensive training session, the Environmental Leadership Institute (ELI), in
September 1999. We are looking for budding environmental leaders to invite
to be participants.

The ELI is a five-day intensive training to provide Michigan environmental
activists with valuable skills, information and resources to help improve
their effectiveness as environmental leaders.  Specifically, participants
will receive hands-on training via case studies on electoral campaigning,
grassroots organizing, legislative lobbying and agency lobbying.  The
curriculum will also focus on personal skill development, including
instruction in understanding group dynamics, mastering the art of
persuasion, message development, strategic planning, and effective
decision-making.  ELI trainers will include professional instructors in
leadership development, as well as Michigan environmental experts.

The ELI is a full-time, five-day program beginning at 11:30 AM on Wednesday,
September 22nd and ending at 3:30 PM on Sunday, September 26th.

The ELI will be held at the Kettunen Center, just south of Cadillac

All costs will be covered by the LCV Education Fund.

Twenty-four (24) environmentalists from around the State of Michigan will be
selected to participate in this training opportunity.  These individuals
will be selected based upon the following criteria: (1) a demonstrated
interest in, awareness of, and commitment to environmental issues; (2)
strong communication skills; and (3) proven leadership potential.  These
participants, five years down the road, are the individuals who will be
serving as pro-environment lobbyists, campaign managers, legislative aides,
grassroots organizers or elected officials throughout Michigan.  They are
the future of the environmental movement in the state. (FYI, the ELI that
was just held in WA state included 3 candidate for office--two county
commissioners and one state senator!  It would be great to involve
environmentally friendly candidates here in MI, too!)

Please feel free to share this information with interested activists.  And
please contact Lisa Wozniak if you are interested in taking advantage of
this unique and exciting training opportunity.  You can reach me via phone
at 734-485-1162 or email lcvmi@igc.org .

Lisa Wozniak
Great Lakes Regional Director
League of Conservation Voters Education Fund
1018 Congress Street
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
734-485-1182 fax

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