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E-M:/ MDEQ-Guardian of the environment or protector of special interests?

Enviro-Mich message from RobC313@aol.com

In preparation for the upcoming public hearing on the weakening of the permit 
standards for the City Medical Waste Incinerator in Hamtramck, I was trying 
to get a feeling for the MDEQ that put the consent agreement together that 
not only weakened the mercury standard but cut the fines for violations and 
allows for unlimited delays in testing. 

Could folks on this list search their memories and think of anything else 
that the Engler Harding DEQ has done to exemplify their "pro business 
anti-environmental- stick it to the people" regulatory style?

I know there was the time Harding had the chemical industry write his 
opinions, and then there is Humburg Marsh,  the ozone lawsuit, the peat bog, 
and I'm sure a few others.  If any of you have first hand experience with any 
of these or other shenanigans I would appreciate a single paragraph 
explaining each           (including those mentioned and more) I will use 
them for a neighborhood discusions to educate those that may feel that the 
MDEQ is actually protecting our environment. Because this is an air emission 
issue paragraphs about the Air Quality Division are preferred but I welcome 
all comments

Thank you for taking a moment to help.

HEAT - Rob Cedar
Hamtramck Environmental Action Team
1999 Trowbridge - Hamtramck, MI 48212
(313) 365-4722 or robc313@aol.com.

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