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E-M:/ Abraham Greenwash press release

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>For Immediate Release:                       Contact: Alison Horton, Lansing
>Tuesday, August 10, 1999                                     517/484-2372
>Sierra Club to Senator Abraham:
>                    No More Greenwashing -- 
>   When Are You Going to Stop Voting Against the Environment?
>     LANSING   In Lansing's Riverfront Park, the Sierra Club issued a
>challenge to U.S. Senator Spencer Abraham today to start putting his votes
>on the environment where his greenwashing rhetoric has been.  In 1998,
>Abraham accepted Governor John Engler's appointment  as the chief
>booster of the Clean Michigan Initiative, which put him at the helm of  a
>nearly $3.5 million statewide media campaign.  But in Washington, D.C.,
>Abraham has amassed a 7% "lifetime" score with the League of
>Conservation Voters with vote after vote against the environment..  
>     Because Michigan citizens deserve to know the real story behind the
>Abraham greenwash, the Sierra Club is airing radio ads on a cross-section
>of Metro Detroit radio stations this week and next to alert Michiganians to
>the real Abraham environmental record and to urge them to tell Abraham
>that they want him to vote to protect our environment. The radio ads are
>part of the Mackinac Chapter of the Sierra Club's effort to scrub away the
>Abraham greenwash.   "Senator Abraham may be spending his August
>recess rolling across Michigan on a 27 city bus tour, but you can bet he's
>not giving people the straight story on what he's really doing in Washington
>  voting for polluters, against clean water, against our parks and forests,
>and for polluter welfare," observed Alison Horton, director of the Sierra
>Club's Michigan chapter.
>     Michigan families may remember a plaid-shirted Abraham in scenic
>outdoor locations urging support for the Clean Michigan Initiative in many
>a television ad in 1998.  "Appearances are deceiving," explained Horton,
>"that plaid-shirted Abraham we saw so often promoting Clean Michigan on
>TV last year bears no resemblance to the Washington, D.C. Abraham who
>is working to lay waste to our environmental laws."  The Sierra Club is
>urging people in communities across Michigan to tell Senator Abraham that
>enough is enough when it comes to voting for polluters and for dirty water
>and dirty air.     
>     During his first four years in the U.S. Senate, Abraham cast
>pro-environment votes only 3 out of 42 times.  Just days before returning
>to Michigan for the August Congressional recess, Senator Abraham again
>had a chance to vote for the environment.  Instead, he voted to allow more
>cyanide dumping on our public lands where it can pollute our streams and
>rivers.  A summary of Abraham's environmental voting record
>demonstrates that he has voted against the public's right to know about
>pollution, voted against protecting public health, voted against our parks,
>forests and wildlife lands, and voted for corporate welfare and special
>interests.  "It's no wonder Abraham wants to hide an environmental record
>like his," commented Sierra Club's Horton, "the overwhelming majority of
>people consistently say they want their air and water and  open spaces
>protected and they want their environmental laws enforced." 
>     The Detroit radio ads are part of a program the Sierra Club is running
>all over the country.  The environmental group is using the Congressional
>recess to tell all Michigan citizens that Senator Abraham is voting against
>the environment and that Congress will be taking important votes on clean
>water when they go back to work in September.
>     The radio ad, script and documentation and documentation of the
>Abraham voting record are available from the Sierra Club office in Lansing
>at (517) 484-2372.  The Sierra Club, the nation's largest grassroots
>environmental organization, is working to protect our environment for
>our families and for our future.          
>                              #####

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