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Re: E-M:/ Sierra Club does not support Jeffords bill

Enviro-Mich message from Chad Bailey <crbailey@umich.edu>


Is it the MI/Mackinac Chapter of the Sierra Club or the National Org
that's opposed to pollution credit trading?  Given the market demand for
credits in Michigan and the Ohio and Tennesee River valleys (thanks to our
coal plants), I could see the MI residents being less concerned about
credits than the downwind states (like NESCAUM).  What is the Sierra
Club's rationale for opposing credit trading?  I'm sure it's split the
membership a bit.

I find it curious that the two Senators from Massachusettes are in support
of this legislation, given their downwind constituency.  What is the
Michigan delegation's take on this bill?

Chad Bailey
University of Michigan School of Public Health

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