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E-M:/ Sierra Club policy is Sierra Club policy, why get personal?

Enviro-Mich message from DavidOrr@aol.com

Mr. Alex Sagady is suggesting that I am trying to speak "for" the Sierra 
Club.  I never said such a thing.  Mr. Sagady is over-reacting. What I 
did say, and what I will say again, is this: the Sierra Club has taken a 
neutral stand on the Jeffords bill.  This is a fact and may be verified 
through the usual Sierra Club official channels.  

It matters not in the least what my place of residence is, and I find it 
interesting that Mr. Sagady seems to be so concerned with a subject which 
is none of his business.

David Orr

[NOTE:  The above comment is in direct response to unwarranted personal 
criticism  of me by Alex Sagady, the Mackinac Chapter's Enviro-Mich 
listowner.  This message contains accurate information which is relevant 
to Sierra Club members in the State of Michigan and the Sierra Club as a 
whole and is therefore in compliance with the Michigan-specific content 
requirement for submission to the Enviro-Mich listserv.]

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