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Re: E-M:/ Stabenow vs. Abraham in Today's Washington Post -Reply

An Englerite complaining about being called "right wing"!!!  Now that is funnier then Spencer Abraham trying to be just one of the guys.
Folks should also know:
The board of directors of the "Federalist Society" include:
Orrin Hatch (R-UT)
Edwin Meese (Formerly of the Reagan Administration)
Donald Hodel (Former Secretary of Interior)
and Robert Bork (failed nominee for Supreme Court)
If the readers of this litserver want to see what extreme rightwing means, just look these yahoos up on the web. 
G. Tracy, I think thou doth protest too much.....
(Michigan bore the brunt of many decisions under Hodel and the rest of the Reagan gaggle in the 1980s when the far-right corporate types began to dismantle or weaken environmental laws, including those protecting the Great Lakes)
David J. Zaber
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While I am not a member, the Federalist Society is not a "radical" rightwing group--unless you consider constitutional priniciples to be radical or rightwing.  You have every right to disagree with the Society, but calling it a "radical right" enclave is, well, almost defamatory.  The distinguished lawyers and judges I have known, and practiced with, who have also been members of the Society are the farthest thing from fringe types.  Regards.

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