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E-M:/ Federalist Society is radically anti-environmental

Enviro-Mich message from DavidOrr@aol.com

[NOTE TO ALEX SAGADY: The following commentary is posted in reply to a 
previous message which had non-Michigan-specific content.  However, this 
posting is addressed specifically to the Mackinac Chapter and is specific 
to the interests of environmentalists in Michigan.  Therefore it is in 
compliance with the Michigan-specific content requirement of the 
Enviro-Mich listserve.]

For anyone on this list to defend the Federalist Society as something 
other than radical is to expose one's anti-environmentalist tendencies.

Show me where the Federalist Society has EVER supported environmental 
regulations, protection of endangered species or biodiversity, etc.

The Federalist Society is the intellectual breeding-ground for candidates 
to the federal judiciary who wish to turn back the clock to the robber 
baron "good old days," where monopoly-capitalists ran roughshod over 
human rights, civil rights, and the environment.  No recourse and no 
accountability.  The kind of "constitutional priniciples" the Federalist 
Society espouses start and end at the front doors of the wealthy.

It's quite disturbing to me that the Enviro-Mich list allows defenders of 
the Federalist Society to ply their trades.  I would hope that the 
Mackinac Chapter ExCom will review the listrules of this list and take 
steps to remove from the list those subscribers which promote 
anti-environmentalist views.

David Orr

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