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Re: E-M:/ Federalist Society is radically anti-environmental

Enviro-Mich message from David Allen <dallen@nmu.edu>

Dear Mr. Orr:

This is supposed to be a discussion list - it is difficult to carry on a
discussion if all must hew to some party line.  While Mr. Mehan's comments
are a tad conservative for my value structure, I appreciate them.  They
help me understand the essentially political nature of most environmental
problem areas.  If you doubt this, I suggest a quick read of Nancy
Langston's book on the Blues.

I would suggest that you spend more time focusing on issues, and perhaps
less on personalities.  

David Allen

At 03:03 PM 08/23/99 EDT, DavidOrr@aol.com wrote:
>For anyone on this list to defend the Federalist Society as something
>other than radical is to expose one's anti-environmentalist tendencies.
>It's quite disturbing to me that the Enviro-Mich list allows defenders of
>the Federalist Society to ply their trades.  I would hope that the
>Mackinac Chapter ExCom will review the listrules of this list and take
>steps to remove from the list those subscribers which promote
>anti-environmentalist views.
>David Orr

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