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E-M:/ Open letter to Enviro-Michers

Enviro-Mich message from "Alison Horton, Sierra Club-Michigan" <sierrami@voyager.net>

Fellow Enviro-Mich Subscribers,

I note that there has been a disproportionate amount of discussion on
Enviro-Mich in recent weeks speaking to questions regarding how the Sierra
Club works, who speaks on its behalf, and how its policies are set.
Because these questions are only of interest to a very small number of
those of us who participate in Enviro-Mich and because this is not a
listserv for and about the Sierra Club -- but one serving a much broader
community -- I want to provide some information about where and how to get
information about the Sierra Club and other appropriate avenues for inquiry
in the future, should any of you wish to pursue them.

Information about how the Sierra Club nationwide works, who speaks on its
behalf here in Michigan and elsewhere, how its policies are set, and much,
much more can be found on our web page at www.sierraclub.org .  Information
on the Mackinac Chapter, which serves Michigan, its leadership and staff,
how to reach them, and the work they do can be found on our web page at

Questions or comments relating to the Sierra Club are always welcome and
can be directed at any time to the Mackinac Chapter office at
<mackinac.chapter@sierraclub.org> .  

As a sponsor of Enviro-Mich the Sierra Club's Mackinac Chapter is dedicated
to making this forum available as a virtual gathering place for Michigan
environmentalists and conservationists and the discussion of Michigan
environmental concerns.  And we ask that all Enviro-Mich subscribers join
us in respecting the framework in which Enviro-Mich operates.  My personal
thanks go out to all of you who offer up so much invaluable information and
share so many interesting perspectives in this forum.
Alison Horton
Sierra Club Mackinac Chapter

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