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Re: E-M:/ Open letter to Enviro-Michers

Enviro-Mich message from "A. FRIEND" <greenscreen17@hotmail.com>

INTERESTING....Isn't it?

The Sierra Club of Michigan feels that their positions and opinions are of 
interest enough to post on this list but when a discussion evolves on the 
quality of their positions or how the group reaches those official opinions 
they opine that the attention is "disproportionate" (to what?)and of 
interest to only a "very small number" of readers.

Trading Programs are a very current relevant topic in Michigan --we have an 
air emissions trading program and are considering others. I propose that 
these programs are beneficial as a part of Michigan's environmental 
protection programs and that we should debate the merits and potential of 
Michigan's programs, review available data, of then pass wisdom of SC's 
stated across the board opposition to trading programs.

As a part of that debate it is relevant to discuss the process that this 
organization used to reach it's conclusion (is it based on science, polling 
of members, experience in other states, Idealism, etc.) Understanding how SC 
came to this conclusion may help those who have not formed an individual 
opinion on this matter.

So... I believe the Sierra Club and others are in error in choosing 
opposition to these programs.  Michigan's program has merit for the 
following reasons:

1) It recognizes both economic and environmental realities.
2) It has resulted in significant reductions of emissions w/o enlarging the 
size or cost of government.
3) The gains (emission reductions) from trading cost only about one-half to 
one-third as much as the cost would be using the approach of federal air 
pollution control efforts.
4)It has resulted in what economists call "dynamic efficiency" - the 
discovery of new, innovative, and self inflicted methods of compliance.
5) It provides flexibility with the ultimate goal of compliance and cleaner 

Woodrow Wilson Guthrie

>From: "Alison Horton, Sierra Club-Michigan" <sierrami@voyager.net>
>Reply-To: "Alison Horton, Sierra Club-Michigan" <sierrami@voyager.net>
>To: enviro-mich@great-lakes.net
>Subject: E-M:/ Open letter to Enviro-Michers
>Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 17:49:27 +0600
>Enviro-Mich message from "Alison Horton, Sierra Club-Michigan" 
>Fellow Enviro-Mich Subscribers,
>I note that there has been a disproportionate amount of discussion on
>Enviro-Mich in recent weeks speaking to questions regarding how the Sierra
>Club works, who speaks on its behalf, and how its policies are set.
>Because these questions are only of interest to a very small number of
>those of us who participate in Enviro-Mich and because this is not a
>listserv for and about the Sierra Club -- but one serving a much broader
>community -- I want to provide some information about where and how to get
>information about the Sierra Club and other appropriate avenues for inquiry
>in the future, should any of you wish to pursue them.
>Information about how the Sierra Club nationwide works, who speaks on its
>behalf here in Michigan and elsewhere, how its policies are set, and much,
>much more can be found on our web page at www.sierraclub.org .  Information
>on the Mackinac Chapter, which serves Michigan, its leadership and staff,
>how to reach them, and the work they do can be found on our web page at
>Questions or comments relating to the Sierra Club are always welcome and
>can be directed at any time to the Mackinac Chapter office at
><mackinac.chapter@sierraclub.org> .
>As a sponsor of Enviro-Mich the Sierra Club's Mackinac Chapter is dedicated
>to making this forum available as a virtual gathering place for Michigan
>environmentalists and conservationists and the discussion of Michigan
>environmental concerns.  And we ask that all Enviro-Mich subscribers join
>us in respecting the framework in which Enviro-Mich operates.  My personal
>thanks go out to all of you who offer up so much invaluable information and
>share so many interesting perspectives in this forum.
>Alison Horton
>Sierra Club Mackinac Chapter
>ENVIRO-MICH:  Internet List and Forum for Michigan Environmental
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ENVIRO-MICH:  Internet List and Forum for Michigan Environmental
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Postings to:  enviro-mich@great-lakes.net      For info, send email to
majordomo@great-lakes.net  with a one-line message body of  "info enviro-mich"