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Re: E-M:/ Abraham Greenwash press release

Enviro-Mich message from "A. FRIEND" <greenscreen17@hotmail.com>

The Sierra Club recently kicked off a politically charged campaign aimed at 
Spence Abraham.  As a part of that campain they made a post post to 
enviromich the SC stated:

"During his first four years in the U.S. Senate, Abraham cast
pro-environment votes only 3 out of 42 times."

However, I found only very generic descriptions of a few of these votes 
anywhere on the webpage we have been referred to visit if we are ever 
curious on SC matters.  The page listed such nebulous sins as:

Voting Against Pollution Prevention
Voting Against Parks, Forests and Wildlife Lands
Voting for Corporate Welfare
Voting to Weaken Land Use Protections

PLEASE!  Is it possible that there is more to these bills that make them 
unattractive or poor policy?  What was the cost, counter arguments, added 
regulation, expansion of programs involved? Gee, is it possible that a 
special interest would be selective in deciding what votes to count to skew 
the report card? Was there only 42 votes relevant to the environment in four 
years?  If not, is it fair to characterize someone based on a handful of 
votes selected by a special interest group?

FOR INSTANCE, the SC has an official position supporting abortion.  Did the 
SC include Pro-Life Votes in calculating his report card and status as an 
enemy of the environment? Report cards by special interest groups are a 
joke.   Please stay focused on individual bills and their full implications.

Michigan environmental policy should be about rendering scientifically 
supported, risk based, rational, balanced and effective public policy and 
keeping the public trust.  The SC and many other activists in Michigan have 
insisted on turning it into a sport of inflammatory rhetoric and hyperbole.  
It's too bad when the best a leading environmental organization in our state 
can do is put out insulting sound bites hoping to make headlines.  Those 
that pose opposing views must be demonized a the enemy and the public is 
given false choices.  The result is a tainted debate that lessens the 
likelihood of informed and rational public policy.

All sides are guilty. Unfortunately, the debate has already been framed in 
radical terms before the public is allowed to join.  The ceaseless 
posturing, manipulation of data, false predictions of the end of the world, 
exaggerated characterizations, and partisan motivated attacks only serve to 
weaken the public's confidence in Congress AND THE ENVIRONMENTAL ADVOCATES.  
We are not stupid.

While it may help renew memberships and juice up the donor list it doesn't 
solve real problems that real people care about.

Throwing Stones
Bob Weir

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>Subject: E-M:/ Abraham Greenwash press release
>Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 13:52:49 +0600
>Enviro-Mich message from "Alison Horton, Sierra Club-Michigan" 
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> >News from the Sierra Club
> >300 N Washington Square, Suite 411, Lansing, Michigan 48933. Phone
> >517/484-2372 Fax 517/484-3108
> >
> >
> >For Immediate Release:                       Contact: Alison Horton, 
> >Tuesday, August 10, 1999                                     517/484-2372
> >
> >
> >Sierra Club to Senator Abraham:
> >                    No More Greenwashing --
> >   When Are You Going to Stop Voting Against the Environment?
> >
> >
> >     LANSING   In Lansing's Riverfront Park, the Sierra Club issued a
> >challenge to U.S. Senator Spencer Abraham today to start putting his 
> >on the environment where his greenwashing rhetoric has been.  In 1998,
> >Abraham accepted Governor John Engler's appointment  as the chief
> >booster of the Clean Michigan Initiative, which put him at the helm of  a
> >nearly $3.5 million statewide media campaign.  But in Washington, D.C.,
> >Abraham has amassed a 7% "lifetime" score with the League of
> >Conservation Voters with vote after vote against the environment..
> >
> >     Because Michigan citizens deserve to know the real story behind the
> >Abraham greenwash, the Sierra Club is airing radio ads on a cross-section
> >of Metro Detroit radio stations this week and next to alert Michiganians 
> >the real Abraham environmental record and to urge them to tell Abraham
> >that they want him to vote to protect our environment. The radio ads are
> >part of the Mackinac Chapter of the Sierra Club's effort to scrub away 
> >Abraham greenwash.   "Senator Abraham may be spending his August
> >recess rolling across Michigan on a 27 city bus tour, but you can bet 
> >not giving people the straight story on what he's really doing in 
> >  voting for polluters, against clean water, against our parks and 
> >and for polluter welfare," observed Alison Horton, director of the Sierra
> >Club's Michigan chapter.
> >
> >     Michigan families may remember a plaid-shirted Abraham in scenic
> >outdoor locations urging support for the Clean Michigan Initiative in 
> >a television ad in 1998.  "Appearances are deceiving," explained Horton,
> >"that plaid-shirted Abraham we saw so often promoting Clean Michigan on
> >TV last year bears no resemblance to the Washington, D.C. Abraham who
> >is working to lay waste to our environmental laws."  The Sierra Club is
> >urging people in communities across Michigan to tell Senator Abraham that
> >enough is enough when it comes to voting for polluters and for dirty 
> >and dirty air.
> >
> >     During his first four years in the U.S. Senate, Abraham cast
> >pro-environment votes only 3 out of 42 times.  Just days before returning
> >to Michigan for the August Congressional recess, Senator Abraham again
> >had a chance to vote for the environment.  Instead, he voted to allow 
> >cyanide dumping on our public lands where it can pollute our streams and
> >rivers.  A summary of Abraham's environmental voting record
> >demonstrates that he has voted against the public's right to know about
> >pollution, voted against protecting public health, voted against our 
> >forests and wildlife lands, and voted for corporate welfare and special
> >interests.  "It's no wonder Abraham wants to hide an environmental record
> >like his," commented Sierra Club's Horton, "the overwhelming majority of
> >people consistently say they want their air and water and  open spaces
> >protected and they want their environmental laws enforced."
> >
> >     The Detroit radio ads are part of a program the Sierra Club is 
> >all over the country.  The environmental group is using the Congressional
> >recess to tell all Michigan citizens that Senator Abraham is voting 
> >the environment and that Congress will be taking important votes on clean
> >water when they go back to work in September.
> >
> >     The radio ad, script and documentation and documentation of the
> >Abraham voting record are available from the Sierra Club office in 
> >at (517) 484-2372.  The Sierra Club, the nation's largest grassroots
> >environmental organization, is working to protect our environment for
> >our families and for our future.
> >
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