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E-M:/ trading nightmares

Enviro-Mich message from Dave Dempsey <davemec@voyager.net>

In theory, trading is fine.  Trading, as practiced by the current Michigan
governmental regime, is dangerous.  Please note that the one "minor"
element lacking from the proposed water quality trading scheme is
comprehensive monitoring by the responsible parties.  Without monitoring,
there can be no measurement of whether trading works, hence no
accountability.  Exactly what the regulated community wants.  Excuses about
lack of resources dodge the point. Those who want to use trading should pay
for the monitoring in exchange for their privilege to dump wastes into
Michigan's waters. 

Further, without enforcement, which has come to a standstill in Michigan,
trading results in reduced environmental protection.

I have noticed no dogma on enviro-mich;  alternative points of view are
heard.  When industry e-mail lists actively invite membership and
discussion by environmental advocates, then it will perhaps be appropriate
for regulators and industry representatives to tout their views on

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