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Subject: Borrowed Time Timber Sale
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At the advice of Doug Cornett, I sent a letter to the Appeal Deciding Officer
for the Borrowed Time timber sale (see
http://www.great-lakes.net/lists/enviro-mich/1999-08/msg00024.html for the
orginal posting) supporting the appeal of Northwoods Wilderness Recovery, David
Zaber and Mr. Cornett himself.

Today I received the following reply.  I must admit to feeling a bit foolish for
sending my letter without first checking the facts which appear to have been
either inaccurate or at least somewhat exaggerated by Mr. Cornett's posting.  I
still support the appeal but I would much rather have explained my support with
facts that I could stand behind.  A word to the wise about showing support for
something without checking things out for yourself first,  I suppose...

I'm curious if any of the appealants can truthfully counter the statements made
by Ms. Chase in the following letter.
Subject:  Borrowed Time Project Set Appeal

Dear Interested Party,

This letter is to inform you of a conference call between the Forest Service and
appealants regarding the Borrowed Time Project Set Environmental Assessment.  We
have scheduled the call for Monday, August 30 at 3:00pm.  As an interested
party, you are welcome to join us at the above address to sit in on the
discussion.  Please contact me at 906-387-2512 if you would like to attend.

I would also like to take this time to correct some inaccuracies regarding
information about the Borrowed Time Project Set.  This project is NOT located in
a semi-primitive nonmotorized recreation area.  It is across a county maintained
road from a semi-primitive motorized area.  This project is located almost four
miles north of the Indian River Wild and Scenic River Corridor, not adjacent to

In the final decision for the Borrowed Time Project Set, all activities directly
to the north of the wilderness area were dropped.  As can be seen on the
attached map (hard copy only), a portion of the Borrowed Time Project Set falls
close to, but not adjacent to, Big Island lake Wilderness.

If you would like the a copy of the Environmental Assessment and Decision Notice
please contact our office.  Thank you for your interest in management of the
National Forests.


District Ranger

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