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Re: E-M:/ Question About State-Owned Land

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org


As always, Tim Flynn has answered this question very well.  I want to add two

The listing of proposed Land Transactions on the DNR Calendar is supposed to
allow for members of the public to comment on these proposals before the
Natural Resources Commission at their monthly meetings, with the Director of
the DNR making a decision shortly thereafter.  This is the "public input"
opportunity, but as Tim points out unless you are a surveyor it is tough to
understand the "where is it?" part of the postings.

Second, I continue to be at a loss as to how these sales are proposed in the
first place.  Compartment Reviews of State Forest lands, which cover 1/10 of
the State Forest system each year and are supposed to set direction for those
chunks of forest for the next 10 years don't include ANY reference to land
trades or sales.  As Tim described, he has carefully followed an area for a
decade only to have a sale out of the blue of land that he was intimately
familiar with but had no notice was being considered for trade or sale.  That
is ridiculous -- how can intelligent management be considered if there is no
mention of the possibility that land would either be acquired or disposed of
during the 10 year period the management is supposed to cover?

While I know that state employees are discouraged from responding to issues
posted on Enviro-Mich directly, this whole issue deserves some discussion from
those who oversee the process.  If a DNR official would like to run a posting
through me I would be happy to post it for Enviro-Mich subscribers'

Anne Woiwode

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