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Re: E-M:/ Question About State-Owned Land

Enviro-Mich message from "Tim Flynn" <tflynn@freeway.net>

Jon and Dave,

You have to ask yourself what is abuse?   I surely felt abused when I went
to every public input event offered by the DNR, especially the "compartment
review" that was, I thought, suppose to set management direction for these
areas, and I never heard mention of land sales or leases.   I missed the one
time reference in the DNR calendar, which of course may have been years ago,
therefore I get no input.

The folks that know the most about the land are usually locals or citizen's
interested enough to attend public forums regarding DNR management.   They
should be noticed directly.   In addition, sales and leased should be
approved at compartment reviews or in larger scale management plans.   I
would term the failure to do so; abuse.

Tim Flynn

> Dave -
> I just talked with Bob Coulverer of the MI DNR and he is sending me
> information on the land aquisition process.  Upon reviewing this material,
> I will take further action.  If the process is as Mr. Flynn has explained
> it, I don't believe that there is any "abuse" taking place, but the DNR is
> not providing adequate public notice or comment time and the public should
> demand changes in the process.  I will be sure to let you know what I find
> out.  I'm sure you could hypothesize that the process is the way it is so
> that some of the shady deals that have taken place get by without public
> ridicule.  I will try to gather more examples of public land sales that
> have taken place which should have been more contreversial if the public
> had been notified.
> Please stay tuned...
> Jon Kazmierski
> On Tue, 31 Aug 1999 Poulsondav@aol.com wrote:
>> Jon,
>>   I'm always on the lookout for a good news story. If you come up with
>> evidence of abuse, let me know.
>> Dave Poulson
>> Booth Newspapers

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