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Pay a visit to GLIN <http://www.great-lakes.net> to check out these new

Site of the Month for September:
Canada's Aquatic Environments--->>http://www.aquatic.uoguelph.ca/
With more than 3 million lakes and the largest marine coastline of any
nation, Canadian waters provide a challenge for any synthetic effort.
This encyclopedic web site provides an overview of physical settings and
biological diversity. The site includes more than 9,000 pages of
information on aquatic animals and habitats and will soon be expanded to
include plants. Aside from sound files, photographs and illustrations,
most sections of the site are enlivened with interactive
exercises. Join a virtual birdwatching trip to the Great Lakes, take a
helicopter flight to any of Canada's National Parks or sample a polar
pond! Designed to make education fun, this site is the ultimate web
resource for those with a passion for aquatic life.

If your agency is interested in being GLIN Site of the Month, see
http://www.great-lakes.net/sitemont.html for more details.
New report from the Lake Michigan
"Vanishing Lake Michigan Sand Dunes: Threats from Mining"
Apply now for the 2000 Carol A. Ratza Memorial
In memory of the founding director of the Great Lakes Information
Network, this scholarship is awarded annually to a university student in
the Great Lakes states or provinces to recognize
outstanding achievement and vision in electronic communications
technology. Open to high school seniors and returning students that will
be enrolled full-time at a Great Lakes college or university in fall
2000; application deadline is March 31, 2000.
Our Lakes in Peril, feature section in the Detroit News

Includes a wealth of quotes, stories, photos and facts about the
suspected causes and impacts of receding lake levels. Additional
articles focus on dredging, shipping, wetlands, habitat change, and much
Dive into these "great" new web sites!

Environment Canada's Our Great Lakes, formerly the Great Lakes
Information Management Resource

Great Lakes Ship Locations/Vessel
Shipping Photo

NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory

For daily updates on Great Lakes web offerings, visit the "What's New"
section on GLIN <http://www.great-lakes.net/navigate/new.html>

Christine Manninen
GLIN Webmaster
Great Lakes Commission
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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