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E-M:/ Friday Smog report

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Summarized results are out for Friday's smog episode....

On Friday, the 8 hour health standard excursions covered 
most of the state of Michigan.   The level of the standard is 85 ppb, 8 hour

Traverse City  87
Benzonia   105
Scottville  105
Muskegon 90
Holland  (no report...probably exceeded)
Coloma 101
Cassopolis  96
Kalamazoo  87
Jenison 96
Grand Rapids 85
Evans 94
Houghton Lake 98
Lansing 97
Roselake 94
Otisville 95
Port Huron 91
Warren 87
Detroit 7 mile road  96
Allen park 88
Ann Arbor  92

No report on New Haven

Yesterday's one hour peak exposures above 100 ppb:

Benzonia  110
Scottville 111
Muskeon 100
Coloma  107
Cassopolis 105
Jenison 116
Grand Rapids 101
Evans 103
Houghton Lake 103
Lansing 104
Rose Lake 104
Otisville 104
Ann Arbor  110
Detroit 7 mile road  107
Allen Park 104



is showing that Michigan from Scottville to Benzonia and then Wisconsin through
the tip of the door peninsula and then back into Michigan from Menominee
to Escanaba were modelled to have the largest area with the 
worst 8 hour smog exposures in the Eastern United 
States yesterday, except for the addition of a small area in central Missouri.


Saturday  (today) is day 3 of the current episode

At 11:30 AM wind speeds in most of Michigan are from 5-8 MPH with 
a number of sites showing calm conditions.   This, together with 
sunny conditions, is likely to make for the worst day yet of this
third day of the smog episode, with high temps in West Michigan
predicted at 88.

Winds are generally southeasterly today which means we will be 
getting the full brunt of transport from Ohio and West Virginia, 
Russ Harding's  anti-power plant NOX control litigation partners.

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