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E-M:/ Call Sen. Levin Today!

Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <fambrose@bloomington.in.us>


Sen. Levin is in dire need of hearing from you about how he should vote on
the upcoming Bryan/Fitzgerald amendment. A detail of what it will do is

Levin is a terribly important swing vote -he voted the wrong way last time
the bill came up -causing the vote to be lost 51-49. This time he has not
committed to voting one way or another. He needs to hear from you.

Let him know that our forests do not need more logging and roadbuilding!
They need less of that bad stuff, and more of the good things being done
to truly help endangered fish, plants and animals.

You can get ahold of him through the switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Thanks for your help,

Frank Ambrose
American Lands Alliance
Senate Interior Appropriations Bill Consideration Scheduled for September
8, 1999 When Congress returns 9/8, Senators Richard Bryan (D-NV) and Peter
Fitzgerald (R-IL) are offering an amendment to the Senate Interior
Appropriations Bill to cut commercial logging subsidies.

This amendment would cut $33 million from the Forest Service commercial
timber sale program, redirecting $20 million to National Forest
restoration projects such as road maintenance, watershed restoration, and
fish and wildlife programs, and $13 million toward deficit reduction.

Backing the environmental community on the amendment, are taxpayer
groups, conservation organizations, and the public, who support deleting
wasteful programs in the FS. Based on a recent General Accounting Office
report, the National timber sale program lost $1 billion from 1995 to
1997. This estimate did not include the cost of restoration or road
maintenance due to logging practices. 

However, many senators with close ties to the timber industry are trying
to cut funding from fish and wildlife programs and increase the National
Forest logging budget. 1999 Congressional committees increased the Forest
Service timber funding request by $23 million, which would cause the
logging of an additional 350 million board feet from National Forests.

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