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Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 10:29:53 -0400 (EDT)
From: Karen Griggs <kgriggs@kettering.edu>
To: "A. FRIEND" <greenscreen17@hotmail.com>
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Subject: credibility
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Dear friends,
 Part of * netiquette, * the system of courtesy that Internet
communicators have observed, includes signing all e-mail messages. We need
to use our full names and URLs , so that readers will be able to verify
the authorship.
 Credibility, the "good character" of the author, is enhanced by a
complete identification. The opposite would be anonymous mail.
 It is important to identify the writer of each e-mail message.
Frankly, "a friend" could be an expert at public information or a
scoundrel. How would we know who wrote the e-mail (see below) about the
credentials of public administrators? Would it be a partisan attack? We
simply need to sign all messages and provide the URL below.
Karen Griggs
Flint, Michigan
(810)762-9500 x 5785

On Wed, 15
Sep 1999, A. FRIEND wrote:

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> Enviro-Mich message from "A. FRIEND" <greenscreen17@hotmail.com>
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> Turning Stones..... And throwing them in glass houses....
> Equally disturbing, my research indicates that EPA Carol Browner's 
> credentials are also shockingly lacking in the science department. She's a 
> LAWYER and political appointee/operative. AHHHHHHH!!!
> The plot thickens.....
> Lana Pollack, ED of Michigan Environmental Council, is also credentialess 
> when it comes to science and engineering.
> How have these charlatans managed to exist unnoticed for so long?
> Are we to believe that it is possible for good administrators/leaders are 
> capable of making sound decisions based on technical data provided by staff?
> I never thought I'd see the day when a person was judged/hired on their 
> experiences and ability rather than their degrees.

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