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E-M:/ Bush Hogging Humbug Island

FYI- -Today 9/16 Made In Detroit moved by barges (3) equipment to bush hog Humbug Island.  ACE just denied the MID people wetland destruction etc. permits and no bridge will be built to this island.  No water, sewer, electric, police, or fire protection will reach this island due to permit denial.  The City of Gibraltar issued the clearing permit having no legal standing not to.  DPW Director R. Novak and an MDEQ employee are on the island supervising the clearing.  The last time Made In Detroit was issued a permit to clear brush they clear cut vast areas of the 409 upland acres.  Brushing is shrubs/trees less than 4".  Of course huge trees were cut, ground dozed and wetlands fouled with oil drippings and gas spillage.  The AG's office stated the destruction to the upland area was criminal violation of conservation easement but they decided to prosecute under civil statutes as it was "easier" to prove.  Here comes Judge Simmons who has not a clue and the rest is history.  Made In Detroit can't develop anything but they sure can destroy.  I guess that makes them feel like God.  We have a name for people who behave like this, we call them bottom feeders.  We are supposed to include a call for action but in this case a call to the AG's office, Rich Powers, Col Davis, your state rep., would all be a wonderful thing to do.  Lastly, a short little prayer to God asking for forgiveness for allowing the destruction of the last coastal marsh on the 32 mile Detroit River may be in order. Kathleen