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E-M:/ Engler lies about air quality compliance

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

When it comes to ozone in SE Michigan, the following Engler news release is
a complete distortion at best, a flat out lie at worst.....

On June 12, 1999, a monitor at New Haven in SE Michigan
showed the fourth excursion in a three year period over 
the level of the old 1 hr ozone standard.   In fact, the June 12
excursion was the  highest on1 hour concentration measured
in the three year period at 147 ppb.

Here are the 4 excursions:

7/12/97    138
7/15/98   129
8/21/98    126
6/12/99    147

Only 3 excursions are allowed in a three year period under
the old standard.

This is evidence that cleanup plans in SE Michigan don't 
comply with the Clean Air Act's requirements for air quality 
standard maintenance.   Michigan was supposed to implement
mandatory contingency measures if further standard violations occurred, but
nothing has been done to my knowledge.  


For Immediate Release Contact: John Truscott

   September 8, 1999 (517) 335-6397

   Michigan Meets Federal Standards for All Six Major Air Pollutants

   Southeastern Michigan Earns Designation for Carbon Monoxide

   Michigan's diligence in pursuing improved air quality is bringing the
entire state into
   compliance with all federal air standards, Governor John Engler announced

   The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency published a notice in The
Federal Register
   naming southeastern Michigan as being in attainment for carbon monoxide
   effective immediately. Michigan has demonstrated compliance with most of
the criteria
   pollutants for several years. The EPA's action results in the entire
state now being in
   compliance with all federal air standards.

   The six federal criteria pollutants are carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen
dioxide, ozone,
   particulates, and sulfur dioxide.

   "Clean air is vital to the health and welfare of every Michigan
resident," Engler said. "We've
   worked hard to meet these standards and remain committed to doing even more.
   Michigan's accomplishment reflects a concerted effort to achieve better
air quality through
   industrial compliance, rule enforcement, emission abatement and voluntary
   reduction programs. We can all take great pride in this achievement." 

   In addition, the federal rule revoking the 1-hour ozone standard in four
western Michigan
   counties was published earlier this summer. This was the last Michigan
area affected by
   the 1-hour standard.

   The Department of Environmental Quality notes that the EPA's new 8-hour
ozone standard
   will be more difficult to achieve.

   "The new standard has moved the target that we must meet," said DEQ
Director Russell
   Harding. "Michigan will continue its leadership role in striving for
additional air-quality gains,
   but we remain concerned about the arbitrary nature of this new standard.
The questions
   raised by Michigan and other states are being tentatively supported by a
federal Court of
   Appeals. The burden is now rightfully on the EPA to provide better
criteria in establishing
   the standards."

   All control measures that brought Michigan into compliance with the
1-hour ozone
   standard remain in place and must continue. Western Michigan and
southeastern Michigan
   have ozone maintenance plans and remain subject to air-quality planning
requirements for
   growth and development.

   Information on air-quality attainment areas, air monitoring and related
matters is available
   on the DEQ Air Quality Division's Internet web site at

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