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E-M:/ Bush Hogging Humbug Island

We are all disgusted by MID response to Army Corp. denial of permits.  The message they are sending is one of spite.  If I can't do what I want to do I will destroy the value of the marsh because I can.  This idea was expressed by the attorney for MID on the Warren Pierce radio show last week.  He did say his clients wouldn't do such a thing when pressed by Mr. Pierce on the issue but the writing was on the wall.  I just think these are very desperate people making a last stupid stand at the expense of the people of Michigan.  The "takings" loophole was closed by Lana Pollock etal prior to MID alleged purchase.  If they had gotten permits they would have sold the development rights to a real developer.  Marina Ventures tried to develop this same parcel in 1990 prior to conservation easements being placed around the marsh,denied permits for the plans submitted, redesigned, and the final project was so downsized it wasn't worth developing.  Marina ventures is a large harbor developer whose projects are world wide.  Made In Detroit wanted to put this same kind of development on Belle Isle and were rejected, they were also denied development in Hamtramack.  Who are these people and what do they want?  All the money in the world.  Kathleen