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E-M:/ CALL-IN DAY: Call the Senate to Vote NO on Interior Approps.

Enviro-Mich message from "Liz Godfrey" <lizgodfrey@prodigy.net>

Hello Enviro-Mich!

Calls are greatly needed to Michigan's Senators Carl Levin and Spencer
Abraham.  We need to call them to ask them to vote NO on the Senate Interior
Appropriations bill. We need there help in defeating an Interior
Appropriations bill riddled with
amendments aimed at undermining our critical national environmental laws.
We need to call our Senators and keep calling until the vote occurs
(probably sometime tomorrow.)  Please call Levin and Abraham and ask them to
vote NO on the entire Senate Inetrior Appropriations bill because of the
anti-environmental riders attached to the bill (riders are legislation that
would not pass on their own which are attached to must pass legislation
without open debate.)  More information is contained in the attached alert.

Thank you.  If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me.

Liz Godfrey
Midwest ESA Organizer
GREEN-the GrassRoots Environmental Effectiveness Network
(608) 294-1338
"The extinction of species is the folly our descendants are least likely to
forgive us."
--E.O. Wilson




September 17, 1999


Once again the Senate has used the appropriations process to subvert
protections afforded by the nation's environmental laws. Many anti-
environmental riders attached to the Senate Interior Appropriations
bill make a mockery of our environmental protection laws. We must not
allow the Senate to get away with sneaking these anti-environmental
riders into the Interior Appropriations Bill. The Senate must be held
accountable for using the appropriations process to pass extremely
anti-environmental measures that could never stand alone.

It is not too late for the Senate to reconsider its ill-conceived
effort to attach anti-environmental riders to the Interior
Appropriations bill, and they must now vote the entire bill down.

Monday, September 20 is a National Call-In Day to the Senate to vote no
on the Interior Appropriations Bill. Please get as many calls as
possible in to your Senators asking them to vote no on the Senate
Interior Appropriations Bill (or any bill) until all anti-environmental
riders are removed. You should continue your calling on Tuesday and
should consider mounting a phone blitz on the Senate until the vote

The Senate has clearly indicated it has no interest in protecting the
biological integrity of this country and must learn there is a grave
political danger in being so contrary to the needs and wants of their

The message is simple - Just say no until all the anti-environmental
riders are removed.

On Monday, call early and call often! Pick up the phone as soon as you
read this!!


Roger Featherstone
GREEN Director

GREEN is a project of Defenders of Wildlife designed to serve
grassroots wildlife and wildlands advocates. GREEN policy positions do
not necessarily represent those of Defenders of Wildlife.


NATIONAL CALL IN DAY(S): Call your Senators on Monday and if at all
possible follow up with calls on Tuesday! The Senate must feel the
heat and they must know that the American public and the President will
not tolerate the use of the appropriations process to pass this kind
anti-environmental legislation.

1) KEEP UP THE PRESSURE! Call your Senators (l-2O2-224-3121) and tell
them to vote down the Senate Interior Appropriations bill. Tell them
that the attached anti-environmental riders are completely
unacceptable. Let them know that they will be held accountable for the
anti-environmental riders contained in this dreadful bill. Any attack
on our environmental protections should be done in full public view and
with full public discussion - if they can't do it right then they
should start over and remove these riders from the bill.

ENVIRONMENTAL RIDERS. Call the White House Chief of Staff John Podesta
(l-202-456-6798) and urge the President to take a strong stand against
all anti-environmental riders. It may soon be up to the President to
use his executive authority to protect our environmental laws. The
President cannot let the Senate get away with using these riders to
overturn our laws and the courts. He must make it absolutely clear to
the Senate and House conferees that if any of these riders remain in
the final bill it WILL BE VETOED.


Among the anti-environmental riders now attached to the Senate Interior
Appropriations Bill are Sections 329 and 117. Section 329 would allow
the U S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management to bypass
sensitive species survey requirements before making management
decisions on timber sales. Section 117 allows the renewal of grazing
permits without environmental review. The grazing industry and their
Senate allies now have a dangerously lopsided proposal leading to
excessive grazing and prevent public participation in the sound
management of public rangelands. Of the several mining riders, one
would allow mining companies to dump waste across unlimited acres of
public lands by permanently overriding the 1872 Mining Law's five-acre
millsite limitation per hardrock mining claim. Still another would
prevent the Interior Secretary from stopping lead mining in the Ozark
Mountains of Missouri that threatens two National and Scenic Waterways.
A variety of anti-environmental riders were packaged together as part
of a "non-controversial" managers amendment package. The stateside
Land and Water Conservation Fund was reduced from $3 to $20 million.
Also included was amendment put in by Nevada Senator Harry Reid (D)
that blocks the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and National Park
Service (NAPS) from issuing further restrictions on commercial tourist
flights over the Grand Canyon. Senator Conrad Burn's (R-MT) substitute
grizzly rider (in place of the former Sec. 328 language) denies funds
for reintroduction in the next fiscal year. Another amendment would
provide over $11 million to prepare additional timber sales in the
Tongass National Forest that would insure a 3 year supply. A 5 million
increase in funding for payments in lieu of taxes (PILT), bringing the
total up to 135 million with the off-set coming from the land
acquisition accounts of the Forest Service and Fish and wildlife
Service. An amendment to waive inspection fees in connection with the
import or Export of fur skins including species listed under the
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna
and Flora.

Roger Featherstone, GREEN Director
PO Box 40046, Albuquerque, NM 87196-0046
(505) 255-5966 x102 fax, (505) 255-5953 rfeather@defenders.org

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