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Governor Announces $700,000 in Grants for Environmental Research and Protection

Governor John Engler has announced the awarding of more than $700,000 in grants fo r environmental research and protection. The 10 recipient projects are diverse in their objectives, ranging from research on water quality in Grand Traverse Bay to the study of zooplankton in Lake St. Clair to the development of environmentally friendly golf courses.

"The funding of basic research, as well as on-the-ground conservation activities, provides essential support for our efforts to enhance Michigan's environment and the Great Lakes," Governor Engler said. "This brings the total amount of grants awarded from the Michigan Great Lakes Protection Fund to over $1.4 million awarded this year alone."

The Michigan Great Lakes Protection Fund is managed by the Office of the Great Lakes in the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.A list of the grants is attached.

Michigan Great Lakes Protection Fund Grant Awards:

Michigan State University - $85,541 * Riparian Corridor Restoration and Water Quality Protection Techniques for Michigan Golf Course Properties. Michigan's Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Program (MTESP) will be expanded to protect water quality, enhance and restore wetlands, and maximize wildlife diversity on golf course properties. MTESP partners MSU, state agencies, environmental groups, and the golf industry in a proactive strategy to protect and enhance natural resources on golf courses. 

Michigan Natural Features Inventory * $109,771 * Biodiversity Analysis of Selected Riparian Ecosystems within a Fragmented Landscape. The study will evaluate the roles of riparian ecosystems as refuge areas for plants and animals in a highly fragmented landscape. The study will conduct surveys of flora, breeding and migratory birds, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, freshwater mussels, fish and aquatic insects in connected riparian corridors adjacent to reaches of selected rivers in southern Michigan. 

Michigan State University - $119,924 * Optimal Water Quality Sampling Design to Assess the Environmental Impacts of in the Grand Traverse Bay Watershed. The study will develop an optimal sampling design to detect changes in land use and environmental quality that can be applied throughout the Great Lakes Basin.

Jackson County Drain Commission - $81,000 * Quantifying the Impact of Catchbasin Street Sweeping on Stormwater Quality for a Great Lakes Tributary: A Pilot Study. The study will determine the extent to which storm sewer catch basin and street cleaning programs are an effective means of reducing pollution to the Grand River, as well as attempting to determine the optimal cost-effective mix of catch basin and street cleaning. 
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - $27,256 * New High Resolution Bathymetry for Lakes Huron and Superior. The project will compile and contour Lake Superior data held in both U.S. and Canadian government archives, to produce high-resolution charts.

Michigan State University - $82,142 * Development of Molecular Biomarkers for Polychlorinated Biphenyl Endocrine Disruptors. This on-going research will test the hypothesis that persistent environmental pollutants can bioaccumulate in human breast milk that is subsequently passed to nursing infants. In doing so, the research will examine reproductive fitness of mice and to correlate changes in fitness with pollutant induced changes in testicular gene expression.

Michigan State University - $55,542 * Effects of Methylmercury on Mechanics of Development of Brain Neurons and Neuroendocrine Cells. The research will explore the effects of methylmercury on the mechanical mechanisms that control growth of brain nuerons that are believed to play a major role in the development of the brain.

Michigan Technological University - $36,868 * The Influence of Forest Management on Stream Communities in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The project will investigate the relationship between forest management practices and aquatic macroinvertebrates living in adjacent river systems. The information gathered will assist development of Best Management Practices for Northern Michigan and the Great Lakes Region.

Michigan State University - $53,460 * Molecular Genetic Characterization of Spatial, Temporal, and Phylogenetic Structure of Contemporary and Historical Populations of Lake Trout in the Great Lakes. The study will provide an assessment of how genetic diversity in lake trout populations has historically declined across the Great Lakes due to over-exploitation and sea lamprey predation.

Oakland University - $56,166 * Zooplankton Community Structure in Lake St. Clair and its Role in the Changing Lake Environment. The research will determine the zooplankton species composition, diversity, biomass, and distribution in the U.S. and Canadian waters of Lake St. Clair in the year 2000 and evaluates changes based on historical studies. The study will help evaluate and understand the effects of habitat degradation on the health of fish in the Great Lakes.

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