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Subject: Wellhead Protection Workshop Announcement
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Over 150 communities throughout the State of Michigan are currently 
involved with Wellhead Protection Programs.  This state-sponsored program 
encourages communities to protect their drinking water through land use 
management.  Planners are key players in this process as changes are made 
to zoning, site plan reviews, and comprehensive plans that may affect our 
groundwater quality and/or levels.

As Wellhead Protection Programs become an integral part of the planning 
process, it is important for planners to be able to understand the goals of 
the program in order to help local communities through the process.  In an 
effort to inform planners throughout the state about the requirements, 
grant opportunities, and benefits of a wellhead protection program, we will 
be offering a workshop designed to assist planners in their roles as 
wellhead protection team members.

This workshop is a joint effort between Michigan State University's Urban 
and Regional Planning Program and Tri-County Regional Planning 
Commission.  Additional support is being provided through a grant from the 
US Environmental Protection Agency, Western Michigan University, and the 
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

The program is designed to take the participant through the seven steps of 
planning a wellhead protection program.  It will give them the tools they 
need to lead others to the completion of a wellhead protection program for 
a local water supply.  In addition to many excellent speakers, participants 
will receive a packet of extensive reference materials.

The workshops will be held on Friday, October 1 and 15, 1999 at the Breslin 
Center at Michigan State University.  Space will be filled on a first come 
first serve basis.

Registration is $75.00 and includes parking, lunch, breaks, full set of 
Wellhead Protection Community  Guides, and Wellhead Protection materials 
developed under the EPA grant.

To register or for further information, please contact:
Christine Spitzley, Tri-County Regional Planning Commission
via e-mail at cvspitzley@hotmail.com
or by phone at (517) 393-0342. 

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