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As an officer in our lake association I get all kinds of questions, but one really has me stumped.
One of our members, who is a not a resident of Michigan insists that the DNR PWC Pamphlet discriminates against non-residents-----as follows
". . . persons who are not residents of this state SHALL ONLY OPERATE A PWC IF . . ."  He goes on to say, "This means I need a safety certificate.   A DNR cop is the one who originally told me.  They don't talk about any specific age in this section, only out of stat residents.  ALL out of state residents."
I have told him that I see nothing discriminatory to out of state residents.  There is nothing required of them that is not required of those who live in Michigan.  Non-residents can even get an equivalent boating safety certificate in their own state that is acceptable in Michigan, or a certificate from a course approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators.
Further, the non-residents have been given an additional yeart to comply with regulations which were imposed on Michigan residents on April 1, 1999.  As of April 1, 2000, ALL people born AFTER DEcember 31, 1978 and operating a PWC in Michigan must have an approved boating safety certificate.  The person who asked the original question was born BEFORE December 31, 1978. 
Aren't the people in this age group "grandfathered" in, and not required to have a certificate?
Further, don't the age requirements remain the same for resident and non-resident?
Wasn't the DNR officer wrong to tell him he needed a certificate?
I would appreciate an answer from anyone, especially in the DNR, who is absolutely positive that their answers to the questions above are the definitive answers as intended and postulated by the DNR. 
Thank You.
Del Sipes